Commander Capital Funding Group is a privately owned and operated company that was created with the aim of helping small businesses secure funding for their capital needs. Whether for a planned expansion, to purchase more equipment, undertake new projects,
or simply to cover ongoing business expenses, Commander Capital will strive to help you find the funding solution that suits your business. At all stages of the financing process, our focus is on integrity, efficiency and attention to detail.

We have developed links to well over 100 lenders serving small businesses in a wide variety of fields in the US and Canada. These lenders offer a diverse range of financial products from simple loans, to equipment leasing, to accounts receivable financing, to factoring, and many others at highly competitive rates.

Find out today how we can help you raise the capital you need to strengthen your business, even if the banks have previously turned you down. Call Commander Capital Funding Group at 1-888-748-7731 or e-mail info@commanderfunding.com.



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